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EDGAR ZUNIGA, sculptor

Curriculum Vitae:

Edgar Zuniga was born in Alajuela, Costa Rica in 1950, the son of the noted sculptor of religious sculptures, Manuel Zuniga. At the age of 16, with the help of his father, he
opened his first workshop to create religious artwork. In 1980 he radicaly reoriented
his efforts toward a more personal and creative expression. That same year he formed
the organization "Grupo Andamio" with other artists, an important event that catapulted
him into the creative artistic movement of the time. With this group he exhibited his work
at various expositions.

In 1983, with his brother, also a sculptor, he opened a foundry workshop, where for many years they created for other sculptors and themselves sculptures in bronze.

He is a master sculptor in a variety of different materials, such as stone, wood, compact snow, ice, bronze, resins, fiberglass, wood paste, cement, structuring and modeling in concrete, forge smithing, steel and stainless steel assemblages.

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In his search for artistic expression, he has participated in 23 individual and 25 collective expositions. He has been selected to participate in 20 international sculptural events, 12 of which have been symposiums and 8 competitions. In 6 of the 8 competitions he was awarded a prize.

For many years he has been an ardent promoter and participant in the creation of monumental urban sculpture. To date he has realized 25 works, 8 of which are located in Costa Rica, 6 in Mexico and one each in Brazil, France, Germany, Israel, Paraguay and the United States of America. In group effort, he has created five monumental ice sculptures, three of which were created in Quebec, one in Montreal and one in Milwaukee.

He created over 150 religious sculptures during his formative period, in monumental and lifesize, which are to be found in various churches throughout Costa Rica.


-2001-President of the Judging Committee for the First Bienal of Visual Arts, "2000 Years of Christianity."
-2000-Honorable Mention, "First Sculpture Bienal (BIC-ACAP).">
-1997-Sculpture selected for the collection of the "Museum of Art of the Americas" (OEA), Washington D.C., U.S.A.
-1996-Participant in the "Second Iberoamerican Encounter of Plastic Artists."
-1993-Prize of the Public, "First American Trienal of Sculpture," El Chaco, Resistencia, Argentina.
-1993-Artistic Excelence Prize, "XXI International Ice Sculpture Competition," Quebec, Canada.
-1992-Third Prize, "XX International Ice Sculpture Competition," Montreal, Canada.
-1992-First Prize "First International Ice Sculpture Competition," Montreal, Canada.
-1992-Second Prize, "International Ice Sculpture Competition," Milwaukee, U.S.A.
-1991-First Prize, "XIX International Ice Sculpture Competition," Quebec, Canada.

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Sculpture Grouping of
Monumental Columns

San Jose, Costa Rica
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